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exquisite laser clinic

Exquisite Laser Clinic

Exquisite Laser Clinic based in Epsom Auckland specialises in medical grade laser and skin treatments. 

Exquisite use the Appointments module at the Dialhog website to send text reminders three days before the clients' appointment.  These greet the client by name and include the day and time of the appointment. They ask the client to text back or phone to confirm the appointment.

From time to time, they also send personalised 'special offer' texts to their whole client base (clients may unsubscribe from these texts at any time). They have reported massive bookings resulting from these.

"At Exquisite Laser Clinic, we use Dialhog for confirming all of our client appointments, as Text messaging is a lot more cost-effective and saves time trying to get in contact with everyone. Clients often mention that they prefer receiving text messages reminding them of appointments, so that they can store them in their phones. We also use Dialhog as a marketing tool for special promotions and find this to be extremely effective."  

Leanne Wackrow,
Exquisite Laser Clinic,

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mei mei shoes

Mei Mei Shoes

Mei Mei is a women's shoe retailer on Auckland's fashionable Ponsonby Road, specializing in high fashion shoes like Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Barbara Bui.  They use Dialhog's website, rather than email, to stay in touch with their clients, as they say their clients like the more personal feel this gives.

So, when a new range of shoes lands or Mei Mei have a seasonal sale, they send a text to let everyone know. The great thing is, that Dialhog's unique i-Merge texting means that each text greets each client by name, which means they feel personally contacted.

Mei Mei also says texting is "a brilliant way" to let clients know that it's time to pick up their lay-bys and that using texting as a marketing tool "really does work".

"Dialhog has been a great success for us as we used to have to make up to 40 personal calls when a delivery of shoes came in. We now just send a text, which customers prefer as it means that we are not disturbing their busy days.  This has been a great success for us.

In 8 years in business I have never previously recommended a service online, but Dialhog has been a real time saver for me."


Jo Pearson
Mei Mei Shoes

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