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send messages to groups of recipients  Send Messages to Groups of Recipients

allows you to create recipient groups within your database. A recipient may belong to one or more groups. You can use these groups to specify the recipients for a particular message or you can just search for and select particular message recipients as you go.

It is very easy to send a subsequent message to to a group of recipients that you have already created, instead of having to select the recipients again individually.

Upload facility has been designed to make it very quick and easy to import and use a recipient list from another database or another program, whenever you want to send a message.

Example: A large hospital may have all its staff information held on a central database. The hospital staff members can be separated into various groups: administrators, surgeons, anesthetists, house GPs, training interns, nurses, orderlies, cleaning and security staff as well as parking attendants.

Groups to recieve this message are surgeons, anesthetists, house GPs, training interns and nurses.

Hi <<first name>>, <<hospital name>> here. You are invited to a presentation by Dr Weiss @ lecture hall, 12pm fri.
  <<i-Merge Field>>

This message will be sent to all groups.

Hi <<first name>>, <<hospital name>> here advising you of power shutdown, switching to generators @ 10pm wed.

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